Friday 07 June 2019, 09:31

Final conclusions reached at #FIFAWFC2019

The final day of the 2019 FIFA Women’s Football Convention was attended by political leaders, social influencers, and distinguished global figures.

The closing session saw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between FIFA and UN Women, in which they agreed to join forces through football to the benefit of women around the world.

“I hope that this memorandum helps us spread the word, because football has more power to reach out to people than any speech at the UN,” said Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women. “It will remove any barrier that prevents us from reaching the hearts of young girls. Sport brings them happiness and inspires them to go out and replicate what they see on the pitch. It is said that you always remember how someone makes you feel more than what they say, and sport arouses feelings. That is why it is such an important platform.”

You can watch all the final day’s talks and speeches again in this video and read some of the key messages here.

“At the FIFA Congress two years ago I proposed the creation of a women’s world league because international football is a catalyst for the women’s game, as we will see at this World Cup. Though that project is on hold, we’re going to put it back on the table, with more force and determination. And we’re going to have to turn our thoughts back to the Women’s Club World Cup. When you compare it to the men’s game, elite women’s football is truly global now.” FIFA President Gianni Infantino

“Be so good and so brilliant that you can’t possibly be ignored.” Sahle-Work Zewde, President of Ethiopia

“This World Cup is a great opportunity. I hope it encourages more people to be referees, coaches and administrators in our clubs and federations. Sport needs women so that they can bring a fresh mindset.” Roxana Maracineanu, French Minister for Sport

“We need to understand the power that we have in this room and with this sport to change the lives of so many girls. Do not underestimate it. I am a living example of what football can do. I have connected with some amazing people and I have challenged myself, physically, mentally and emotionally to give more and to be better. I’ve been able to set up a foundation to help a lot of people too. Football is more than just a game.” Mia Hamm, FIFA Legend and FIFA Women’s World Cup™ winner with USA

“I have eight active countries in the Pacific zone and the eight project directors are all women, and that’s not because we wanted them to be women but because they did it better than men and have become role models. One of them has just been named deputy president of the Vanuatu Football Association.” Franck Castillo, OFC Secretary General

“The participation of women is not only going to generate more wealth; it’s also going to transform society. We want a more inclusive, prosperous, better educated and more competitive society, and for that to happen we need women to have a greater presence.” Marta Lucia Jimenez, Vice-President of Colombia