As stated in its Statutes, one of FIFA’s core objectives is to promote the integrity of football. As such, FIFA has adopted an effective approach towards the fight against all forms of manipulation and/or the unlawful influencing of football matches or competitions.

The main principles of FIFA’s integrity initiative are the promotion of integrity and the protection of football matches and competitions. This means promoting integrity internally and to the public at all times, as well as protecting football matches and competitions against match manipulation as far as possible and under all circumstances.

Within the FIFA Legal and Compliance Division, FIFA has streamlined and optimised its internal structures by creating the FIFA Integrity Department (FIFA Integrity). FIFA Integrity is in charge of implementing FIFA’s integrity initiative, by establishing preventive measures to protect FIFA competitions, by conducting preliminary investigations in connection with match manipulation and integrity, by engaging with various partners in order to expand its integrity network, as well as by assisting the member associations and confederations to develop their own integrity initiatives.

Protecting Football

Match Manipulation

Match manipulation can be defined as the unlawful influencing or alteration, directly or by an act or omission, of the course, result or any other aspect of a football match or competition. Match manipulation can be committed for various reasons, the...

Betting in Football

Betting is a growing industry worldwide and FIFA estimates that the total global turnover from betting on football tournaments is worth billions. While this industry represents a source of funding for the game, it also represents a risk to the integr...

Betting Fraud Detection System 

In February 2017, FIFA concluded an agreement with Sportradar with a view towards being provided with a full suite of monitoring, education and intelligence services to further strengthen the integrity of football around the globe.

Reporting Mechanisms

FIFA provides dedicated and highly secure whistleblowing systems so that individuals can report any form or knowledge of potential match manipulation or integrity-related misconduct.

Integrity Support

Integrity support for Member Associations

FIFA understands that to best promote integrity and protect football matches and competitions worldwide from match manipulation and integrity-related misconduct, coordination, joint efforts and support from and to football stakeholders are key.

Integrity Material Explained

FIFA has produced a number of materials designed to support its member associations and the confederations in developing and implementing their own integrity initiatives at national and/or regional level.

Leading Cases

Over recent years, FIFA has been extremely active in prosecuting match manipulation cases in the context of its respective football matches and competitions.

Integrity Programmes & Tools
FIFA Integrity has developed various programmes and educational activities in order to raise awareness and promote integrity worldwide.
FIFA Global Integrity Programme

The programme, developed in collaboration with the UNODC, will deliver the knowledge and tools needed to prevent and fight match manipulation as well as to promote integrity by setting up successful and sustainable initiatives at member association level.

Integrity e-Learning

The FIFA Integrity e-Learning Tutorial is aimed at promoting integrity by educating those involved in football about the threat of match manipulation, and thereby protecting the integrity of football matches and competitions worldwide.

FIFA Integrity Officers' Community Platform

The Global Integrity Programme is a mix of physical and digital workshops that can be adapted to requirements of member associations around the world. It will pilot with integrity officers during 2024 and be available to a global audience, starting 2025.

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