Court of Arbitration for Sport


According to article 56 of the FIFA Statutes, FIFA recognises the independent Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) with headquarters in Lausanne (Switzerland) to resolve disputes between FIFA, member associations, confederations, leagues, clubs, players, officials, intermediaries and licensed match agents. The provisions of the CAS Code of Sports-related Arbitration apply to the proceedings. CAS primarily applies the various regulations of FIFA and, additionally, Swiss law. The jurisdiction of CAS is defined in article 57 of the FIFA Statutes, whereby appeals against final decisions passed by FIFA’s legal bodies and against decisions passed by confederations, member associations or leagues must be lodged with CAS within 21 days of notification of the decision in question. Since 1 February 2023, FIFA and CAS have established a specific legal aid fund for football (the Football Legal Aid Fund – FLAF) to provide assistance to football stakeholders appealing cases before the CAS. When applicable, CAS proceedings involving the FLAF will (i) be available to any natural person, (ii) be free of any CAS Court Office fee and procedural/administrative costs, (iii) exceptionally be available to football clubs (Category IV) once per calendar year, and (iv) be decided by a Sole Arbitrator from the CAS Football List on a pro bono basis.

The CAS Directions can be found HERE.

The Guidelines on Legal Aid before the CAS can be found HERE.

CAS awards

As part of FIFA’s approach to increase transparency and provide information on the various issues dealt with before CAS, FIFA publishes all non-confidential CAS awards in which it has been directly involved every year.

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Given the predominance at CAS of football-related disputes in comparison to other sports, CAS and FIFA decided to set up a specialist list of 200 arbitrators.

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