Preventive measures

One of FIFA’s main objectives is to ensure that FIFA competitions are not affected by match manipulation, which means thoroughly protecting the integrity of all competitions under FIFA’s jurisdiction from match manipulation and integrity-related corruption, whatever the circumstances. Therefore, FIFA has implemented the following preventive measures:

Pre-competition measures

The following measures are implemented as standard at the FIFA World Cup™ and the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ to protect the competitions:

  • Integrity workshops for the integrity officers of the participating member associations

  • Integrity briefings by the integrity officers for the national teams of the participating member associations

  • An integrity workshop for all appointed FIFA referees

Before the start of the final competitions of the FIFA U-20 and U-17 World Cups™ (both male and female), FIFA implements similar preventive measures as for the FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Women’s World Cup™, with one exception: FIFA conducts integrity workshops directly on site with the national teams and their delegations.

In-competition measures

During the competition, a FIFA Integrity Monitoring and Control Centre (Integrity MCC) is set up on site as a specialist unit to implement FIFA’s anti-match-manipulation monitoring and control protocol in order to protect the respective competition.

FIFA monitors the betting markets and the in-game action of every match for integrity purposes during the competition in order to detect potential irregularities and to be in a position to take action where necessary.

Furthermore, the Integrity MCC establishes internal as well as external communication channels with the local authorities (e.g. national police) and other stakeholders (e.g. integrity partners and integrity officers of member associations) to liaise and work closely during the competition in order to share all relevant information and findings.

FIFA has created various confidential reporting mechanisms to support anyone who might be confronted with potential wrongdoing in connection with match manipulation during its competitions. Any form of approach or knowledge connected to potential match manipulation and/or corruption-related activity can be reported via these reporting mechanisms.

Empowerment of FIFA member associations and the confederations

Enabling FIFA’s member associations (MAs) and the confederations to create and implement efficient integrity initiatives at their respective level and providing ongoing support in these endeavours is vital for the promotion of integrity and the prevention of match manipulation worldwide. Therefore, FIFA actively works with MAs and confederations to support them in tailoring their integrity approach to their own specific needs and by coordinating joint efforts in this field.

Last updated: Saturday, 5 June 2021 at 23:12