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Integrity Support

Empowering and supporting FIFA member associations and the confederations to create, implement and strengthen their own integrity initiatives and to conduct investigations is vital for the promotion of integrity and the prevention of match manipulation worldwide.

Read more about the assistance FIFA Integrity can offer in these areas and about recent examples of cases involving sentences in the context of FIFA's fight against match manipulation.

Integrity Support

Integrity support for Member Associations

FIFA understands that to best promote integrity and protect football matches and competitions worldwide from match manipulation and integrity-related misconduct, coordination, joint efforts and support from and to football stakeholders are key.

Integrity Material Explained

FIFA has produced a number of materials designed to support its member associations and the confederations in developing and implementing their own integrity initiatives at national and/or regional level.

Leading Cases

Over recent years, FIFA has been extremely active in prosecuting match manipulation cases in the context of its respective football matches and competitions.