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In line with FIFA’s objective to accelerate the professionalisation of women’s football on and off the pitch, the Women’s Football Professionalisation team work with member associations to develop strong and sustainable clubs and leagues.

As part of the Women’s Development Programme, FIFA works one-on-one with member associations to establish club licensing frameworks for women’s football competitions.

In order to develop an in-depth understanding of the elite women’s football landscape, FIFA is committed to monitoring and analysing the global landscape of clubs and leagues, with a view to evolving the regulatory framework that surrounds the women’s game.

As a result of the research and analysis undertaken, FIFA regularly publishes resources in order to help guide key decisions shaping the future development and professionalisation of women’s football.

Setting the Pace: FIFA's Benchmarking Report on women’s football - Third edition

The third FIFA Women’s Benchmarking Report serves as a valuable resource for anyone involved in the sport, offering insights into the factors that drive success.

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FIFA Guide to Club Licensing in Women’s Football

As part of its objective to accelerate the professionalisation and development of women’s football, FIFA has published its first-ever Guide to Club Licensing in Women’s Football.

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