2nd Edition - 2023

FIFA Executive Programme in Anti-Doping


The FIFA Executive Programme in Anti-doping aims at providing an in-depth analysis of the main regulatory, institutional and scientific aspects of anti-doping in sport. Since the establishment of the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) back in 1999, the fight against doping in sport has evolved dramatically. The interaction between the WADA Code, Sports Governing Bodies regulations and national legislation has led a considerable complexity in this field. You can find further details about the 2023 edition of the FIFA Executive Programme in Anti-Doping in the official brochure.

Module 1. 23-25 March 2023 (Zurich)

1. Introduction and history of Anti-doping. 2. The World Anti-doping Agency: Structure and Purpose. 3. WADA Code: Main features and Legal nature. 4. The International Testing Agency. 5. Prohibited list of substances. 6. Testing Strategy and Anti-Doping Control. 7. Anti-doping Education. 8. Roles and Responsibilities of IF and National Anti-Doping Organization.

Module 2. 13-15 April 2023 (Paris)

1. Anti-doping Rule Violations: art. 2 WADA Code. 2. Evidentiary Rules in Anti-doping. 3. Role of Laboratories. 4. Results Management and TUE. 5. First Instance Hearing, including CAS ADD. 6. Investigations. 7. The Role of States.

Module 3. 25-27 May 2023 (Zurich)

1. Introduction to sanctions. 2. Civil and Criminal Law aspects. 3. Substances of abuse. 4. The role of science and in particular experts. 5. CAS Appeals Proceedings. 6. CAS Leading cases in Anti-doping. 7. Data Protection. 8. Future Challenges of Anti-doping.

Previous Edition

FIFA Executive Programme in Anti-Doping - 1st edition

The first edition of the programme, which was launched in cooperation with the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES), run from February to July 2021.

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