What is FIFA Connect?

The FIFA Connect Programme helps member associations (MAs) register all their stakeholders in a systematic way and keep track of players, coaches and referees – wherever they are in the world. The Connect Programme provides a unique FIFA ID code for every individual who has a role in the football organisation. This code is like a digital football passport number and has the information of the history of each stakeholder.

Did you know?

If an MA has a computer registration system already in place, it can connect to the ecosystem provided by FIFA Connect though the Connect ID Service. If it does not, FIFA provides the Connect Platform Registration System and the Connect Competition Management System (CMS) to help jump-start the registration of football stakeholders and digital management of competitions.

Benefits of the programme

The programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • One globally valid unique identification code for all football stakeholders

  • Transparency and efficient football administration through the systematic registration of all players and football stakeholders and digital management of competitions

  • Support for the development of MAs by defining a strategic plan for registration and IT based on their current level of technological maturity

  • Standardisation of data and processes and having one football ecosystem for data, thus allowing the easy integration and exchange of data from different sources

  • Commercial advantages by using the collected data to engage with sponsors and fans

FIFA Connect workshop in Kuwait

FIFA Connect services

  • FIFA Connect standards for processes and data

  • The cornerstone of international data exchange


The FIFA Connect processes facilitate the creation of best-practice registration processes, while the FIFA Connect Data Standard establishes a common "language" for football data, thereby streamlining the exchange of core football data such as player details, club information and match results.


A football management system that is integrated and standardised, and that addresses all football stakeholders worldwide.

Registering stakeholders


A Web app that enables MAs to register their football players, coaches, referees and officials – from anywhere and at any time.


A multilingual platform that can be used on multiple devices to start the registration process in an instant and that is configurable to the requirements of every MA. Every registered stakeholder automatically receives a FIFA ID and can be assigned to teams, competitions and matches in the Connect CMS.

FIFA Connect workshop in Panama

Manage competitions digitally


Plan and schedule competitions, assign venues and officials, enter match results and display standings to fans – all digitally and from grassroots up to flagship tournaments.


The Connect CMS can be integrated with the Connect Platform, matches MAs’ needs and is paperless.

It manages all competitions – from planning to match set-up, capturing match data and referee reports and automatically displaying up-to-date standings and statistics.

FIFA Connect ID

A unique identification of football stakeholders worldwide


Generate a unique global football identity for all football stakeholders – including players, referees, coaches, officials, organisations and venues.


The FIFA Connect ID Service offers verified data of all player registrations and helps to measure and improve data quality in every MA’s own secure database. The ID serves as an enabler to exchange and integrate information about stakeholders and provide statistics on football participation by role, discipline, age group and gender.

Caribbean MAs gather in Barbados for FIFA Connect Workshop

Why is it important?

The FIFA Connect Programme helps each MA to achieve three main goals:

  • Build the foundations: ensure compliance with regulatory obligations, review all information collected and obtain key insights into the statistics of stakeholders and competitions

  • Grow participation: systematic registration of girls and women participating in organised and non-organised football via a modern and digital registration system

  • Enhance commercial value: connect and engage with registered members to get a 360-degree view of all parties involved

For more information, please contact: connect@fifa.org.


FIFA Forward Programme

FIFA Forward is built to provide 360-degree, tailor-made support for football development in each of our member associations and the six confederations.

FIFA Connect

The FIFA Connect Programme helps member associations (MAs) register all their stakeholders in a systematic way and keep track of players, coaches and referees – wherever they are in the world.

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