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FIFA provides compliance information, guidance and training to employees, committee members and other members of the FIFA family, directly inspired by FIFA and its primary ambition to build a stronger institution.

FIFA employees

All new members of the FIFA team are given compliance training as part of their induction into the association. Existing FIFA employees receive, on a risk-based approach, face-to-face training on compliance matters. FIFA employees also attended a lunchtime compliance town hall workshop organised by members of the FIFA Compliance team.

Employees have benefitted from several new initiatives launched by the Compliance team. Awareness videos exist on key compliance topics, offering employees vital information in an easy-to-follow format. FIFA has also enhanced both the accessibility and awareness of its reporting mechanism.

Committee members

All FIFA committee chairpersons, deputy chairpersons and members must complete initial compliance training within six months of assuming their positions, and must then complete additional compliance training at least once every two years.

Our member associations and external stakeholders

Working closely with their internal stakeholders, the FIFA Compliance team aspires to ensure that zero tolerance towards wrongdoing is the norm across the organisation and in the football world at large. Alongside its work at FIFA tournaments, the Compliance team offers support across a wide variety of areas – not least at the Compliance Summit for compliance professionals working at FIFA member associations and via the annual Governance Report.

The FIFA Compliance Summit is a platform for compliance professionals from member associations around the globe to discuss key compliance concerns and challenges in the world of football, sharing knowledge and best practices with FIFA and their counterparts from other member associations – helping to expand the compliance culture within FIFA, its member associations and the confederations. In addition, the FIFA Compliance team is always exploring new ways to share the FIFA Compliance Programme and its tools with our member associations.

Any FIFA member association that would like to receive more information on our compliance tools can contact us at

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