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Harnessing technology to improve the game

The Football Technology & Innovation team is responsible for solving existing problems in the football world by testing and implementing new technologies and innovations. In line with the FIFA Strategic Objectives 2024-2027, goal 3 details FIFA’s commitment to harnessing technology to improve the game through research, development and innovation with the aim of enhancing the football experience on and off the pitch

Football Technologies & Innovations at the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023™

By harnessing technology in football, FIFA is able to bring this vision to life at the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023™ by implementing and leveraging various technologies to improve the football experience of football fans both on and off the pitch.

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FIFA Quality Programme Resource Hub

The Resource Hub is the public database of the FIFA Quality Programme. Football stakeholders will find a list on the hub of all FIFA-licensed providers and detailed information about certified products, technologies and playing surfaces.

The latest in Football Technology & Innovation

FIFA Football Stadiums Guidelines

A global benchmark for football stadiums

Key areas

FIFA Research Programme

The FIFA Research Programme is responsible for leading the development of validation methods for the newest technologies in football.

Innovation Road Map

After the successful implementation of the video assistant referee (VAR) system following its incorporation into the Laws of the Game in March 2018, FIFA would like to further improve VAR technology at all levels of the game. 

Innovation Programme

FIFA’s new solution-driven innovation platform. The FIFA Innovation Programme is FIFA’s vehicle for dealing with innovative products that enter the market but are not ready or currently eligible for use in the game of football.


All standards are built on scientific findings from a number of relevant disciplines identifying players' needs, various aspects of safety, performance, durability, quality assurance and playing comfort.

Resource Hub

The Resource Hub is the public database of the FIFA Quality Programme, the aim of which is to endorse products that meet strict quality requirements to improve the game and protect players, clubs and associations. Football stakeholders will find a list...

Football Technology & Innovation Documents

This section contains all publicly available documentation in the context of the activities of the FIFA Football Technology & Innovation subdivision, all downloadable in PDF format.