Football regulatory


In line with the Strategic Objectives for the Global Game: 2023-2027, the Football Regulatory subdivision in its daily operations works towards the implementation of several strategic FIFA goals. First and foremost, the subdivision is responsible for modernising the football regulatory framework. This includes, among other strategic matters, reforming the football transfer system all whilst pursuing its core objectives, with the ultimate goal of creating a better ecosystem for the football stakeholders.

Moreover, the Football Regulatory subdivision supervise compliance of the Member Associations National Regulations with the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.

In addition, it also provides sports legal and governance support internally and to member associations. In its daily operations, the subdivision is split into four departments, each with varying responsibilities. The Players' Status department is primarily responsible for managing the procedures relating to disputes between football stakeholders and regulatory applications (e.g. the international transfer of a minor, or change of sporting nationality) decided by the Football Tribunal. The Regulatory Enforcement department investigates and manages compliance with sporting regulations relating to the football transfer system.

The Clearing House department oversees and manages the implementation of the FIFA Clearing House regulations (FCHR) to achieve solidarity between clubs and promote financial transparency and integrity in football. It covers the identification of training rewards triggers via the integration of Member Associations’ systems, the review of the Electronic Player Passport (EPP) process and the processing of the payments via the FIFA Clearing House entity (FCH) regulated in France.

The Agents Department manages the procedures relating to disputes involving Football Agents decided by the Agents Chamber of the Football Tribunal and the license applications to become and remain a FIFA-licensed Football Agent.