FIFA Executive Programme in Football Agency


The FIFA Executive Programme in Football Agency addresses the relevance of the football agency industry, which demands highly qualified professionals, able to adequately represent and protect the interests of their clients in the transfer market. This new initiative is the first educational programme for football agents in FIFA`s century plus history and highlights the importance that FIFA attaches to the education of football stakeholders, thus enhancing the professionalism and effectiveness of the football industry. The Programme is also born following the proposals from different agent associations from all around the world, which recently asked FIFA to launch educational programmes in this field.

Format & Timeline

This Executive Programme, which is exclusively in English, will involve the participants where discussions among them and critical thinking shall have an important role. Each module will take 4 working days to complete - at the completion of the course all successful participants will be awarded an official certificate issued by FIFA.

1. The fundamentals of Football Agency - 13-16 September 2022 (Online)
2. Transfer of Players - 14-17 November 2022 (Online)
3. Making deals/Winning clients - 24-27 January 2023 (Online)
4. Other relevant topics - 14-17 March 2023 (Zurich, Switzerland)

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