Harness technology in football

FIFA has followed parallel pathways in using technology for the benefit of the whole football community. Enhancing the implementation of existing tools and systems continues to reshape the way that the sport is both presented and perceived, whilst also unlocking greater efficiency for football’s administration. Simultaneously, FIFA’s role has been to facilitate the cost-effectiveness of those necessary tools and to ensure that they are accessible globally to mark a uniform improvement of the football experience around the world. Learn more in FIFA's Strategic Objectives 2024-27, Goal 3.

FIFA Training Centre

In the FIFA Training Centre, coaches of all levels and age-groups can explore a breadth of cutting-edge training sessions, analyses and related video content designed to enhance their impact on the game.


A ground-breaking study by FIFA has delivered the message that every talented player deserves a chance to be identified and developed.

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Football Technology & Innovation

The Football Technology & Innovation team is responsible for solving existing problems in the football world by testing and implementing new technologies and innovations.


FIFA Refereeing reinforces the protection of these core values and the betterment of the game through the development of match officials and referee coaches.

Football Development Global Report

Increasing Global Competitiveness - An analysis of the talent development ecosystem

Technical Study Group

Read the reports compiled by the Technical Study Group at every FIFA tournament.