Thursday 08 September 2022, 14:00

Cover design competition for women’s football medical journal kicks off

  • Cover design contest for special issue on medicine in women’s football

  • Joint collaboration by FIFA Medical, adidas and Taylor & Francis publishing group

  • FIFA driving the future of health and performance in women’s football

As part of its commitment to advancing the women’s game on a global scale, FIFA Medical has teamed up with adidas and Science and Medicine in Football, a leading international scientific journal from the Taylor & Francis publishing group, inviting experts from around the world to contribute their scientific work to a special issue dedicated to the future health and performance of women’s football. For this special issue, FIFA, adidas and Taylor & Francis are launching an open competition for people from all walks of life with a passion for women’s football to submit a cover design proposal for the publication. The goal is to provide a depiction of what the future of women’s football might look like. The organisers encourage applicants to be as creative as possible and provide a futuristic yet realistic vision. Designing the magazine cover is one of the most challenging steps in the process. If you are passionate about the women’s game and excited about the prospect of having your vision and design featured on the front of an international scientific journal with a worldwide readership, you are encouraged to submit your entry via “This exciting project represents an important step in advancing our knowledge and ultimately how we care for players in the women’s game globally,” commented FIFA Medical Director Andrew Massey. As well as having their design featured on the front cover, the winner will enjoy an in-person tour of the Home of FIFA in Zurich and meet women’s development and medical experts. The contest will be open from 08 September to 30 September 2022. Due for imminent publication, The Science and Medicine in Women’s Football: Towards a Better Understanding of Health and Performance aims to provide vital insights into a number of key areas to advance research in sports science and medicine related to women’s football. It also intends to further enhance knowledge of the health, welfare and performance of players in the women’s game and expand the currently limited research into the area. Topics to be covered in the journal include injury prevention, rehabilitation, female physiology and specific health needs, technology and equipment, mental health, training and match demands. How to enter: • You can find the instructions here (T&Cs) • Create your design • Email your design to FIFA, adidas and Taylor & Francis are looking forward to receiving your entry!