FIFA Women’s Development Programme

League Development

Sustainable growth in girls’ and women’s participation in football

The League Development programme covers one of FIFA's main priorities, which is sustainable growth in girls’ and women’s participation in football.

The programme focuses on supporting member associations by introducing new competitions or strengthening existing ones, as well as capacity-building for coaches to create a safe and structured environment in which players can grow.


With the implementation of this programme, FIFA aims to meet the following objectives:

Sustainable Growth

Create sustainable growth in girls’ and women’s participation in football by organising regular playing opportunities

Tailored player pathway

Develop a tailored player pathway within the member association by providing technical expertise


Educate and empower those involved in the delivery of the women’s game


Identify ambassadors to raise the profile of women’s football and advocate for access and equal opportunities

Application Process
FIFA encourages its member associations to apply for programmes that fit their needs and that are in line with their own women’s football strategy.
Who can apply?

To be eligible for the League Development programme, member associations must have a clear strategy and implementation plan.

How to apply?

All applicants need to submit an application form, together with documents confirming that they meet the criteria.

The goal is to empower our member associations to continue to accelerate the growth of women’s football globally.

Arijana Demirovic

FIFA’s Head of Women’s Football Development

FIFA Support

FIFA will help the member associations and the participants in different ways:

  • Equipment for teams, including footballs

  • Capacity-building for coaches (coaching course)

  • Technical expertise

  • Two years of support

  • Up to USD 50,000 per year


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