FIFA Women’s Development Programme

Women’s Football Strategy Programme

Grow the game, get more girls involved, keep more women in the game and drive empowerment of women

One of FIFA’s key strategic objectives is to see all our member associations with their own comprehensive women’s football strategies. The goals are to grow the game, get more girls involved in it earlier, keep more women in the game longer, and drive the empowerment of women and the societal benefits of football.

This programme is designed to support associations in developing these new strategies, or revising and improving existing strategies in a tailor-made approach.


With the implementation of this programme, FIFA aims to meet the following objectives:

Clear plan/strategy

Ensure that every member association has a clear plan/strategy in place for the development and growth of women’s football.

Enhance the state of play

Enhance the state of the women’s game in all member associations by establishing targeted objectives with concrete actions to achieve those goals.

Build the Foundations

Help each member association to map its women’s football ecosystem and determine its vision for the future of the game in the country.

Application Process
FIFA encourages its member associations to apply for programmes that fit their needs and that are in line with their own women’s football strategy.
Who can apply?

To eligible you need a dedicated person in the member association responsible for women’s football and the implementation of the project, with clarity on where the project sits within the MA.

How to apply?

All applicants need to submit an application form, together with documents confirming that they meet the criteria.

Women will play a significant role in shaping and developing the future of football.

Sarai Bareman

Chief Women's Football Officer

FIFA Support

FIFA will help the member associations and the participants in different ways:

  • Three- to four-day workshop led by a FIFA consultant

  • One year of follow-up support

  • Up to USD 10,000 in funding to facilitate the organisation of the workshop


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