FIFA Women’s Development Programme

Women in Football Leadership

Provide a learning platform for women who are already in football structures

The aim of the programme is to provide a learning platform for women who are already in football structures within the member associations and confederations to gain the knowledge and experience necessary for their development. The participants take part in an intensive one-week training session accompanied by leadership coach support.

Key Programme Aspects

With the implementation of this programme, FIFA aims to meet the following objectives:

Upskill, empower & create

Upskill, empower and create a stronger network for women who work in football

Offer a plattform

Offer a platform that specifically addresses the need to improve women’s access to decision-making roles

Application Process
FIFA encourages its member associations to apply for programmes that fit their needs and that are in line with their own women’s football strategy.
Who can apply?

For each edition of this programme, FIFA will make a separate call for applications via a circular letter to all member associations.

How to apply?

Submit the application form, accompanied by a curriculum vitae, motivation letter and declaration form.

The programme absolutely helped with personal growth. It helped me to recognise that I have knowledge and experience that I could use to contribute more at the Board table.

Helen Mallon

Chair of Capital Football, New Zealand

FIFA Support

FIFA will help the member associations and the participants in different ways:

  • One-week workshop

  • Leadership coach

  • Learning materials


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