Integrity Material Explained

FIFA has produced a number of materials designed to support its member associations and the confederations in developing and implementing their own integrity initiatives at national and/or regional level.

Some of these integrity materials can be tailored to the needs and considerations of member associations and confederations on request (e.g. an association’s own logo and reporting mechanisms can be inserted into all the integrity posters).

The following support materials are intended to be used as part of a wider effort to promote integrity and protect football matches and competitions from manipulation:

Enabling and empowering FIFA’s member associations and the confederations to create and implement their own integrity initiatives, as well as supporting them in such endeavours, is vital for the promotion of integrity and the prevention of match manipulation worldwide. Therefore, FIFA has developed this practical handbook in order to provide member associations with a guide on how to build and/or strengthen their own integrity initiatives.


Information on match manipulation and betting on football

This flyer contains key information on what match manipulation is, the applicable FIFA regulations against it, how to report any approach and how the members of the global football community are expected to contribute to protecting the integrity of football. These flyers are distributed to all players, officials and delegations prior to all FIFA competitions.


This poster targets the correlated issues of match manipulation and corruption and highlights the key messages anyone involved in football should know:

  • Recognise – be alert of any approach

  • Resist – say no to match manipulation

  • Report – do your duty


This poster highlights the rules applying to everyone involved in football regarding involvement in betting, gambling or similar activities:

  • Betting on football matches – any match, anywhere and anytime – is prohibited


This informative poster highlights in a more comprehensive manner the relevant applicable rules and regulations in relation to match manipulation and betting activities, as well as FIFA’s reporting mechanisms.


Last updated: Tuesday 25 June 2024 at 13:00