Reporting Mechanisms

Duty to report

According to FIFA regulations, associations, members of associations (in particular, clubs), officials, players, match officials, intermediaries, licensed match agents and anyone elected or assigned by FIFA to exercise a function, in particular with regard to a match, competition or other event organised by FIFA, must immediately report to FIFA any approach in connection with activities and/or information directly or indirectly related to the possible manipulation of a football match or competition.

What to know

Having access to reliable information is crucial in order to be able to investigate and appropriately handle allegations of match manipulation. The most valuable sources of information are direct witnesses or individuals who may have access to privileged information and who, because of their position, are particularly susceptible to manipulation attempts.

The need to have the widest possible network of potential informants must be balanced with the need to adequately protect the people who take the risk to make a report. Therefore, and bearing in mind that all individuals bound by FIFA’s regulations have a duty to report potential incidents or approaches of match manipulation, FIFA has in recent years developed the following reliable and confidential reporting mechanisms.

All reports submitted via the following reporting mechanisms are directly submitted to the FIFA Integrity Department. All information received is handled promptly and treated in the strictest confidence under the applicable laws and regulations.

Online reporting system

FIFA provides a dedicated, highly secure and web-based whistleblowing system so that individuals can report any form or knowledge of potential match manipulation or integrity-related misconduct. Users can attach supporting documentation and create an anonymous postbox that allows them to correspond with FIFA without submitting personal information.

FIFA Integrity App

FIFA has launched an integrity app that is available to all teams, players, officials, referees and third parties in order to report any suspicious activity and/or approaches relating to any attempt to manipulate football matches and competitions. The Integrity App is currently available in all four FIFA languages: English, Spanish, French and German.

The individual filing the report can submit it anonymously and attach pictures, videos, audio files and other documents as evidence for the report.

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Last updated: Tuesday, 4 October 2022 at 13:14