Tuesday 02 July 2024, 08:00

National Sports Performance Centre transforms Bahraini football

  • Women's football benefits from a new headquarters at new site

  • Standalone futsal infrastructure offers changing rooms and stands with seating for 500

  • Centre benefits all national teams and helps enhance performance of coaches and referees

The National Sports Performance Centre project represents a beacon of progress for Bahraini football. Built with the collaboration of FIFA and the Bahrain Football Association (BFA) and funded by the FIFA Forward 2.0 programme with an investment of USD 3.5 million, the landmark project is another step towards completing the sports facilities at the BFA Training Centre.

Strategically located near the BFA's headquarters, the National Sports Performance Centre boasts a wide range of facilities, including a court with seating for 500, a state-of-the-art fitness centre, a reception hall, administrative offices and a medical clinic.

The primary objective of this ambitious project is to provide an integrated sports facility where local competitions can be staged and national men's and women's teams can prepare for games. It will also offer additional services such as a fitness centre and administrative facilities, including departments for women's football, referees and coaches, as well as facilities to welcome delegates and official guests of the BFA and a new futsal court.

 BFA National Performance Center

The president of the BFA, Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, emphasised the project's vital role in enhancing sports infrastructure, which is the cornerstone of sustainable growth. He highlighted FIFA's renewed confidence in the Bahrain Football Association, which will allow it to fully capitalise on these development initiatives, taking it to the forefront of technical and administrative excellence.

"FIFA's unwavering support serves as a catalyst for further progress in Bahraini football and enhances our country's reputation on the global stage. Bahrain's steadfast dedication to football has been acknowledged by FIFA, cementing our position on the global football scene," he stressed.

 BFA National Performance Center

He also spoke of FIFA's ongoing commitment to empowering member associations, facilitating the implementation of key projects that help enhance technical and administrative capacity.

"This historic project is a testament to the continuous co-operation between the BFA and FIFA," Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa said. "The project epitomises FIFA's unwavering support for Bahraini football and reflects the tireless efforts and exceptional relations between the BFA and the FIFA leadership, especially President Gianni Infantino," he added.

He emphasised the BFA's unwavering commitment to raising the profile of football, the country’s most popular sport and one that captures the interest and passion of the entire sporting community.

The construction of this beautiful facility, which is regarded as an integrated technical centre with all the necessary functions, is expected to generate positive outcomes for the BFA. It will enhance the performance of the national futsal teams, raise the standard of game in Bahrain and create sustainable competition for the sport by providing the necessary infrastructure, including changing rooms and stands with 500-seat capacity. This will allow the BFA to address the current lack of futsal infrastructure and to host futsal events.

Other objectives include providing Bahraini women's football with a permanent headquarters, organising various courses and workshops for referees and coaches, as well as hosting future regional or continental competitions and enhancing the performances of referees and coaches.

Rashid Al Zaabi, the BFA's secretary general, highlighted the positive impact the project will have on Bahraini football by providing it with a comprehensive sports centre certain to bring a wealth of benefits to all stakeholders.

Al Zaabi emphasised that the project was the fruit of the long-standing partnership between the BFA and FIFA, praising FIFA's unwavering commitment to empowering member associations. He singled out the BFA's close supervision of all aspects of the project, maintaining close communication with the relevant authorities to ensure alignment with international standards, reflecting the confidence that FIFA has placed in Bahrain. Al Zaabi hopes the project will serve as a catalyst for the continued progress of the Bahraini football community, given the remarkable growth and popularity of the sport at all levels.

The National Performance Centre stands as a beacon of hope, promising to propel Bahraini football to new heights, foster a generation of talented athletes and ignite a long-lasting passion for the sport.

Built with funding from the FIFA Forward 2.0 programme, this project adds to the country’s existing facilities and stadiums, ensuring a seamless integration. It will also raise the standard of services and facilities offered to BFA stakeholders.