FIFA World Cup 2034™

Bidding process 2034

The road to the FIFA World Cup 2034™

In line with the principle of confederation rotation and of securing the best possible hosting conditions for the tournaments, the bidding process for the 2034 edition will be conducted concurrently with the 2030 edition.

FIFA member associations affiliated to the AFC and OFC are eligible to bid to host the Competition. With the FIFA World Cup 2026 in Canada, Mexico and the United States, the Centenary Celebration in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay (subject to approval by the FIFA Congress), the FIFA World Cup 2030 in Morocco, Portugal, and Spain (subject to approval by the FIFA Congress) and the invitation to the AFC and OFC member associations to bid for the FIFA World Cup 2034, every continent of the world will have the opportunity to host the FIFA World Cup over an 8-year cycle.

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Key principles

In pursuit of achieving the overriding objective of the Bidding Process, the FIFA general secretariat is committed to ensuring that all aspects of the Bidding Process are conducted in accordance with the following principles:


The evaluation of the bid is designed to treat each bidder fairly and equally. The bid is assessed by experts in each aspect of the Bidding Process and measured against clear and objective criteria.


The bid books produced by the bidding member associations, as well as FIFA’s evaluation report(s), will be published. When it comes to the shortlisting decisions by the FIFA Council (if necessary) and the subsequent host appointment decisions by the FIFA Congress, the result of each ballot and the related votes will be open and made public.


All of the stakeholders involved in the Bidding Process – including the FIFA general secretariat, the decision-making bodies and the bidding member associations – are subject to the FIFA Code of Ethics. Additionally, an independent auditor and bid compliance and ethics officers are appointed to monitor the Bidding Process.

Commitment to human rights and sustainable event management

FIFA is fully committed to conducting its activities in connection with the bidding for and hosting of the final competition of the FIFA World Cup 2034 in accordance with sustainable event management standards and practices (in line with ISO 20121), safeguarding principles for the protection of children and adults at risk and to respecting internationally recognised human rights in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Key dates

Bidding process Timeline

4 Oct 2023

FIFA Council approves Bidding Regulations

5 Oct 2023

FIFA launches bidding process

31 Oct 2023

Deadline for member associations to confirm their interest

30 Nov 2023

Deadline for submission of completed Bidding Agreements

4 Dec 2023

FIFA dispatches all bidding and hosting documents to bidding member associations

Jan 2024

Bid information workshops, working meetings begin

July 2024

Submission of bids to FIFA

Q3 2024

Evaluation of bids

Q4 2024

Publication of Bid Evaluation Report

Q4 2024

Designation of bids by FIFA Council (if necessary)

Starting Q4 2024

Appointment of hosts of FIFA World Cup 2034 by FIFA Congress.