The Next 90

The first edition - 2022

The first edition of The Next 90 began on 26 January 2022. On its inaugural day, 35 former internationals embarked on a ten-month journey. In his welcome speech, FIFA President Gianni Infantino highlighted the importance of being able to continue to have the same impact they once had on the pitch. The programme will allow them to achieve precisely that objective.

What has been done

Six months into the course, the group has already completed a total of four modules. The first three, which were delivered online via Zoom and used a variety of interactive tools, focused on the following topics:

  1. Plan the next 90 - helped lay down the groundwork for a second career, with participants reflecting on their personality, skills and motivation whilst envisioning a professional project.

  2. Understand business - helped participants embrace a business mindset, understand and speak business language and create a competitive value proposition for their professional project.

  3. Navigate the work environment - provided tools and techniques to understand the principles of successful organisations, enhance performance and be an effective manager.

For module number 4, the 35 former internationals were finally able to meet face-to-face at FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich. The module specifically focused on how to be strategic by thinking critically and using effective tools in order to design and implement an actionable strategic plan. It was an intensive four-day session and included a football activity and a visit to the FIFA Museum, where the participants also had the opportunity to attend a live talk on new beginnings.

Up next

The remaining modules promise to be just as exhilarating and useful as the previous ones. Here is what the group can expect over the next few months:

  • Module 5, Communicate like a pro, will take place online in September and cover essential communication skills with a view to enhancing collaboration and leadership.

  • Module 6, Run a project, will take place online mid-October and provide participants with a practical toolkit to acquire the essentials of project management and successfully manage each phase in a project’s life cycle.

  • Module 7, Take action, will take place in person in 2023 (dates TBD) and will conclude the first edition of The Next 90. Participants will present their next professional project by incorporating all of the key principles, frameworks and techniques acquired during the programme.

As the participants get closer to the end of the programme, the Player Relations & Engagement sub-division is working hard on the second edition of The Next 90. More information will follow in due course.