The Next 90

Application period closed

The Next 90 is a program aimed to provide retired football players the right tools to design their new career, be it close to the field or on any other area. It has the practical and hands-on approach of developing a real-life project, and will empower participants to be the CEO of their new career. 

The first edition - 2022

The first edition of The Next 90 began on 26 January 2022. On its inaugural day, 35 former internationals embarked on a ten-month journey.

The Next 90

The ideal participant is :

Former Footballer:

A retired player with at least one international A match for her/his national team.


With a good knowledge of English, both written and spoken.


Players that want to translate their impact on the pitch to a second career, be it in football or in any other area.


A curious mind with deep interest in sharing experiences and knowledge.


A demonstrable eagerness to always learn and improve her/himself.

Format & Timeline

The program is hybrid, delivered partly face-to-face and partly online.

7 Modules in 11 Months
3 Modules in Person. 4 Days each
4 Modules Online. 4-5 weeks each

The Next 90

The Learning Journey

Module 1 - Plan The Next Ninety

The Kickoff will allow you to understand your own skills, how they can be used in a different setting and to set a professional objective. You will be ready for the journey.

Module 2 - Understand Business

An effective manager must understand the logic of business, evaluate risks, recognize red flags and take the right decisions. Module 2 will get you ready for the business environment.

Module 3 - Navigate the Working Environment

Like in Football, it is essential to know how an organizational structure works in order to thrive on leadership positions. Module 3 will prepare you to run successful organizations and be an effective manager.

Module 4 - Be Strategic

How do we turn good ideas into a reality? It is all about strategy. Module 4 navigates the core of any business, and provides frame tool to be strategic.

Module 5 - Communicate Like A Pro

Communication is a crucial dimension of every business, you have to craft a compelling message, have a positive impact on your audience, build trust and be persuasive. Module 5 will make you a natural communicator.

Module 6 - Run A Project

What makes a difference between managers is their ability to plan and execute projects. Module 6 will give you all the tools to execute and run all the phases of a successful project.

Module 7 - Take Action

The final step on your new journey, presenting a concrete Final Project that will be your plan to enter the business world and successfully start your second career.

Language & Cost

  • Language: Programme will be taught in English.

  • Cost: FIFA covers all tuition and fee costs, each participant should cover their individual traveling costs for the 3 on-site modules.


The application period for the first edition is closed. General information and application process for the 2nd edition will be available at the end of 2022.


The Organisers


FIFA Legends is the way by which FIFA recognises all those who have achieved something significant in the game of football, taking into account respective achievements linked to domestic and international careers. In total, there are over 7,000 footballers and coaches who can call themselves FIFA Legends. Leading by example is vital in football and the stars who have inspired millions of fans in the past can make a difference as role models for future generations. To that end, more than 800 FIFA Legends have already participated in activities to convey positive messages to the global football community.


The International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) is an independent study centre located in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. CIES was created in 1995 as a Foundation between the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the University of Neuchâtel, the City and State of Neuchâtel

Using a multi-disciplinary approach (law, sociology, geography, history and management), CIES provides research and education to the world of sport. Since its creation, CIES has aimed to be a bridge between the worlds of research, education, and sports organisations. It encourages the exchange of knowledge and experience between stakeholders from both academia and the international sports industry. Thanks to its international network of universities and experts, CIES supports and conducts research and education projects all around the world.