Tuesday 22 November 2022, 05:00

Tunisian FA facilities undergo upgrade with FIFA Forward support

  • FTF’s Technical Centre receives facelift

  • Will be equipped with sport and health unit and accommodation facilities

  • Project backed by FIFA Forward Programme

Enhancing football development is one of the key goals of FIFA’s The Vision 2020-2023, and encouraging the building of infrastructure is one of the ways to achieve this. It made sense, then, for world football’s governing body to support a project to build and renovate facilities within the Technical Centre run by the Tunisian Football Association (FTF). The ambitious initiative, to which FIFA contributed 50 per cent via its successful Forward programme, includes the construction of an ample accommodation centre and a modern medical complex. The work is on course to be completed within a few weeks.

“Tunisian football, and the national team in particular, definitely needed this,” explained Tunisia captain and forward Youssef Msakni. “These facilities are sure to boost the comfort level of the players. These types of projects show that Tunisian football is really moving in a professional direction. I’m convinced that initiatives like this are a way to breed success.” Fitted out for treatment, recovery and relaxation, this new site will be made available to players in the various age categories of the national set-up, but not just that group alone. “It is open to all teams and clubs around the world, particularly African sides stopping off in Tunisia,” said FTF President Wadie Jary.

“This complex will be beneficial to players from the point of view of physical ability, provision of care, and ideas about different ways to approach football,” explained FTF doctor Souheil Chamli. “It will help their well-being as they perform their sport, but also in their everyday lives. Because football is as much a state of mind as a sport.” This philosophy is clearly shared by FIFA and President Gianni Infantino, who is keen for world football to modernise and become more accessible and inclusive.