Monday 07 August 2023, 17:00

FEDEFUT renovates its pitch with FIFA Forward support

  • The Guatemalan Football Association completes the renovation of its artificial turf pitch

  • The pitch meets the standards for playing international matches

  • The project is an initiative for youth and women’s football

On 4 August 2023, the Guatemalan Football Association (FEDEFUT) opened a new artificial turf pitch at its headquarters that meets the highest international standards. The FIFA Forward Programme contributed financially to the completion of this project, and provided both technical resources and support.

Commenting on the project, Gerardo Paiz, the FEDEFUT President said: “Thanks to the FIFA Forward Programme, we have a new artificial turf pitch. It’s ready for our national teams to use, and is equipped with lighting, four goals and a tractor for distributing rubber infill. After much work, this very important project has at last become a reality. Now we need to make the best of it so that Guatemala can develop significantly, and continue to have first-class facilities.”

The main purpose of the project was to replace the old artificial turf pitch, which, after more than a decade of intensive use, was in need of renovation. The new pitch is also artificial, has been certified by FIFA and meets The IFAB’s dimension requirements for international matches. Thanks to this new pitch, FEDEFUT will be able to host matches with the senior national team, as well as other high-level tournaments.

FIFA Forward in Guatemala

The new pitch has a completely new lighting system, allowing for the proper development of training sessions and matches at night. In addition, the width of the pitch has been extended to 64 metres, and 7x7 lateral marks have been added for grassroots football activities.

“All our national teams will be able to benefit from this new artificial turf pitch. As of today, FEDEFUT will have a facility to train on and develop, and establish a system of play that will give us the results that our fans expect from their national teams,” said William Martínez, the FEDEFUT General Secretary.

The sports equipment has been completely refurbished too, so as to keep in line with FIFA’s standards. Goals, corner flags, benches and state-of-the-art portable goals have been installed so that players and technical staff can work in the best possible conditions. Another highlight of the project has been the construction of stands for fans. 14-metre stands have been created along the pitch so that fans can attend FEDEFUT training sessions and matches.

FIFA Forward in Guatemala

The completion of this project is not only a milestone for the national team, but also key to the development of football in the near future.

José Alfonso Rodríguez, FIFA’s Panama Regional Office Lead, said: “This project is of great significance to our office, as well as to me. It’s a perfect example of how to respond to a need of an association, while adapting to internal processes and maintaining a supportive and resilient attitude in the face of external challenges. We’re sure that this pitch will provide valuable additional playing time to all national teams.”

This state-of-the-art facility offers first-class infrastructure to the young female and male talents of Guatemalan football. This will be essential for the development of a stronger football culture in Guatemala and the promotion of the sport among young people.