Tuesday 04 June 2019, 13:17

Sheroes: Groundbreaking mum coaching a pop star

  • Our 'Sheroes' video series will highlight some amazing women off the pitch

  • Natasha Orchard-Smith is a groundbreaking coach, in the men's game in England

  • Her pop star son George has been inspired and supported by his mother

When George Smith steps out on stage in front of a screaming crowd, he has the backing of one very special fan.

His mother Natasha Orchard-Smith has been a huge support to him, and remains an inspiration to George, a guitarist in pop trio New Hope Club. His mum is the head coach of Arlesey Town, a semi-professional side in England, and is one of very few women coaching men's teams at that level of the game. She's had to break down barriers during her coaching career.

"A lot of people thought that I might have been the physio, not a coach. Something they've never seen before," Natasha said.

"I've been told that my mum has made history with what she's doing right now, and that's absolutely mind blowing," George said.

Spotlight on the #Sheroes The ground-breaking coach has an unbreakable commitment to her son - she drove him round to hundreds of gigs on his road to musical stardom. Serving as an inspiration to her son and the men and boys she's coached, she is deserving of a moment in the spotlight herself.

So, in honour of 2019, which some are calling ‘The Year of Women’s Football’ ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™, we are proud to introduce Natasha and George's story as part of a series of video stories focusing on females with inspirational stories that fuse ‘The Beautiful Game’ and love.

The inspirational story of Natasha and George is the second in a six-part series. Please come back to FIFA.com for more!