Friday 24 January 2020, 09:57

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™: FIFA starts inspection visits to bidding member associations

Within the scope of the most competitive bidding process ever in the history of the FIFA Women’s World Cup and following the four bid submissions received in December, FIFA is set to visit the respective member associations as follows:

  • Colombian Football Association (29 January – 1 February)

  • Brazilian Football Association (3 February – 6 February)

  • Football Federation Australia and New Zealand Football (17 February – 22 February)

  • Japan Football Association (24 February – 27 February)

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ builds on the success of the record-breaking 2019 edition and it will be the first Women’s World Cup featuring 32 teams, as unanimously decided by the FIFA Council.

Furthermore, at its meeting in Shanghai in October 2019, the FIFA Council confirmed that FIFA will invest USD 1 billion in women’s football over the course of the 2019-2022 cycle, as a result of an agreement on further dedicated funding in the amount of USD 500 million.

Visits as part of the overall assessment process

The FIFA delegation will conduct visits to specific locations as well as working meetings with the bid committees, the main purpose of which will be to assess certain technical aspects contained in the bid books and discuss the overall plans for women’s football development in the respective countries. All cities to be visited have been chosen after consultation with the respective bid committees. The visits to the member associations represent only one part of the overall assessment process implemented by FIFA. For an overview of the full evaluation process, please see the following guide.

The findings of the FIFA delegation will be included in the Bid Evaluation Report that will be published on All eligible bids will be presented to the FIFA Council, which is set to select the host(s) of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 at its meeting in Addis Ababa in June 2020. The selection of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 host(s) by the FIFA Council will be open and each ballot and the related votes will be made public.

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