Friday 02 June 2023, 06:00

Referee Education & Development (FIFA RED) tender process opened

Match officials must have excellent football understanding and need to evolve with the game to stay effective and relevant. Their two main priorities are: 1. Protecting the safety of players 2. The consistent and uniform application of the Laws of the Game FIFA Refereeing reinforces the protection of these core values and the betterment of the game through the development of match officials and referee instructors. In this context, FIFA RED (FIFA Referee Education & Development) was launched in December 2019 as an interactive, online, learning ecosystem for refereeing worldwide (football, futsal, and beach soccer). As part of its overall objective - to reach out to all refereeing levels of the worldwide community and ensure that FIFA RED continues providing state of the art technology for its learning ecosystem - FIFA is opening a tender process. Companies will be invited to submit their proposals to supply a tool, or set of integrated tools, which can: • Offer a video player with advance functionalities, like frame-by-frame playback and display of overlays. • Create and maintain a worldwide accessible database of refereeing video incidents, images, documents, audio files and questions. • Publish curated teaching content for different type of users. • Review, moderate and share content with specific user groups. • Make learning tools available to referees and referee instructors, by potentially integrating with a FIFA learning system. • Communicate and engage with the referee community in an interactive way. Companies wishing to participate in this process can declare their intent and request additional details by email to: by no later than 12 June 2023. Requests must specify the name of the company, the job title and name of the representative responsible for the tender process as well as their approach to provide the service, including, if existing, the product or set of products that will cover the need.