Monday 03 December 2018, 08:17

The boy wonder returns: 'F2Tekkz' wins second FUT Champions Cup

  • 17-year-old 'F2Tekkz' wins his second FUT Champions Cup

  • 'Joksan' also the best PlayStation player at the second tournament of the year

  • Round-up of the first FUT Champions Cup on the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019

A total of USD 200,000 in prize money and Global Series points in the race for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 were up for grabs at the first FUT Champions Cup in the 2019 Global Series.

Day 1:

The best 16 players on each platform qualified for the next day’s knockout rounds after the Swiss Group Stage.

Two competitors – ‘MoAuba’ and ‘Rogue GoalMachine’ remained unbeaten after winning all five of their matches on the first day. A total of ten players lost just one game, including 2014 champion August Rosenmeier and 'Rogue NRaseck’ - team-mate of 'Rogue GoalMachine’.

Several big names were eliminated after the group stage, including 2017 champion ‘Gorilla’, ‘Dragon’ and ‘CodyDerFinisher’.

Day 2:

After an impressive opening day, ‘MoAuba’s campaign came to an end with defeat at the hands of ‘AndoniiPM’. Meanwhile ‘Rogue GoalMachine’ continued his winning run at the expense of ‘M10 Resende’, while favourites ‘MegaBit’, Nicolas99FC’ and ‘TheStrxngeR’ all lost on the second day.

Despite plenty of representation at the start of the tournament, not a single German player made it to the semi-finals.

In the last and perhaps most exciting match of the day, Australia’s ‘Marcus Gomes’ secured the sole remaining last-four spot by beating ‘proownez’ on penalties.

All the results can be found here.

Day 3:



'Agge' vs. 'Joksan'

2014 champion August Rosenmeier took on the 2018 Continental Cup winner in the first semi-final, with the American ultimately beating the Dane on penalties in the second leg.

'SPQR TORE’ vs. 'MaestroSquad‘

South America’s last remaining representative, Brazil’s ‘SPQR TORE’, continued his surprise run at the tournament by beating French gamer ‘MaestroSquad’ to reach the console final.


'Joksan' vs. 'SPQR TORE’

The American snatched a narrow win over his Brazilian rival to finish as the best PlayStation player for the second time after the Continental Cup in Paris.



'Rogue GoalMachine’ vs. 'Ajax Dani’

Having marched into the last four without losing a single game, ‘Rogue GoalMachine’ finally met his match against Dutch two-time grand finalist ‘Ajax Dani’, who ultimately edged out the Canadian.

'F2Tekkz' vs. 'Marcus Gomes’

Despite facing an Australian opponent full of confidence after his extremely close quarter-final, 17-year-old boy wonder ‘F2Tekkz’ beat ‘Marcus Gomes’ 4-2 over two legs.


'Ajax Dani’ vs. 'F2Tekkz’

In an Xbox final between two familiar names, the Dutchman came up short against ‘F2Tekkz’ to lost 6-3.


‘Joksan‘ vs. ’F2Tekkz’

It all came down to this: the best Xbox player against the best PlayStation player. English prodigy ‘F2Tekkz’ recorded a resounding 7-1 victory over two legs to clinch his second EA Major title after last season’s FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona.

The stats

0 - No German gamers made it to the semi-finals on either console 1 - ‘F2Tekkz’ suffered just one defeat (with two-leg matches aggregated) over three days 2 - ‘F2Tekkz’s victory was his second at a FUT Champions Cup since last season’s tournament in Barcelona, while ‘Joksan’ also notched his second PlayStation win of the campaign after triumphing in the Continental Cup 8 - Eight different nations were represented in the Top 8 1,500 - The number of Global Series points ‘F2Tekkz’ collected on the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 USD 50,000 - The prize money awarded to the Englishman for his tournament win