Samaha and Al Salman proud to sing the Official Song of Jordan 2016

At the opening ceremony of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Jordan 2016 this Friday, spectators will not only be keeping a close eye on the young players present, they will also be watching two people set to perform in front of the thousands at Amman International Stadium, but who will not be kicking a ball or taking to the pitch.

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha and her Jordanian counterpart Hussein Al Salman will sing a song called Jordan Our Playground, which as well as being the official anthem of the tournament is also its official slogan. The pair spoke exclusively to just hours before their eagerly anticipated appearance on stage at the stadium.

Samaha: This song is about passionA renowned Lebanese singer known across the Arab world, Carole Samaha not only has a distinctive voice, but she is also an outstanding live performer – which explains why she was chosen to sing the official song of the U-17 Women’s World Cup.

She told how proud she was to perform Jordan Our Playground, saying, “I thank the Local Organising Committee for choosing me to participate in this great event. I’m really happy that a global sporting championship for young women is taking place in an Arab country, and specifically in Jordan, a land which I love and where I’ve got many beautiful memories. Sport is important for everyone and I make sure to take part in it regularly. I really love football, so when international tournaments are on, especially the FIFA World Cup, I follow and support Brazil. I also watch the European leagues – I’m a Barcelona fan.”

Regarding the official song, Samaha said, “We need the right music for a football event. The famous composer Michel Fadel wrote the best music and used sound effects which will inspire passion in the fans and the players. I hope everyone will like it.”

Samaha has a message for all women regarding football, “Football isn’t only for men. Women have shown that they can play it. No woman should hesitate to play this game – it won’t detract from them in any way. Families should support their daughters who watch this World Cup and become inspired to follow this path and play.”

Al Salman: I’ll be supporting our brave girlsYoung singer Hussein Al Salman has become famous in Jordan because of his outstanding voice and the creative way he sings native songs. His singing has touched the hearts of Jordanians of all ages and he has a vocal range which sets him apart from other singers. This is why he was chosen, as a representative of Jordanian music, to sing the official song.

Jordan Our Playground came to us with passion, and I’m sure everyone will be amazed by it,” he said. “It’s a great honour for me to be the Jordanian voice at this global event and make a small contribution to support Jordanian football. I call on everyone to be there at the terraces, and I’ll be there myself to support the brave girls of the Jordanian team. It’s also an opportunity to see international teams who have a big presence in global football.”

Regarding his participation in the tournament, Al Salman said, “I was there when the Fan Zone was opened. The Fan Zone reflects the fusion of football and music. I’ll be performing on stage there in a few days, when there are no matches. I’m very happy about being among fans who love football, art and music.”

Al Salman concluded with this message for girls: “I encourage girls who want to play football to take part in this sport without fear. The Jordanian Football Association has many specialist centres for those who want to develop their footballing talents, and there are many clubs devoted to women’s football. This will raise the level of women’s football in Jordan, enabling us to compete at continental and global level.”