Friday 05 July 2024, 06:30

FIFA guide provides step-by-step insight into the process behind an international transfer

  • FIFA International Player Transfer Guide helps stakeholders through the transfer process

  • Guide explains workings of the Transfer Matching System and its interrelation with the FIFA Clearing House

  • Transfer system reform one of FIFA’s strategic objectives for the 2023-2027 cycle

As part of its commitment to strengthening the transfer system, FIFA has published a guide which gives a clear explanation of the step-by-step process involved in making an international transfer. The first FIFA International Player Transfer Guide provides detailed information on the use of the Transfer Matching System (TMS), where all international transfers must be registered, as well as its interrelation with the FIFA Clearing House (FCH), which has been operating since November 2022. Both the TMS and FCH are designed to ensure transparency and integrity in the transfer system.

Transfer Matching System (TMS)

The implementation of the transfer system reform is a key element of FIFA’s Strategic Objectives 2023-2027 and part of the effort to ensure that the rules governing football keep up with an ever-changing world.

“This guide provides key practical insight into the processes in place within the transfer system, which ultimately aim to reinforce contractual stability, protect its integrity and achieve greater financial transparency. This is key given the increasing and evolving complexity of the transfer dynamics,” said Emilio Garcia Silvero, FIFA Chief Legal and Compliance officer.

The guide provides clubs and member associations with information on how to prepare a transfer, which documents are needed, as well as on other important related topics including registration periods and deadline days. It also explains how to ensure that transfers take place smoothly within the relevant registration periods, which differ between FIFA member associations.

General view inside the stadium during the FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023 Final between Manchester City and Fluminense

It outlines the importance of uploading proofs of payment and explains how to prevent a transfer from being blocked by the system and what to do if and when that happens. There is also a section on how to proceed in the case of loans, as well as the transfer of minors and amateur players. The use of the TMS is compulsory for all international transfers of male, female, professional, amateur and minor football players. Entering information accurately in TMS has become paramount for the FCH, which has been established by FIFA to centralise and automate financial flows between clubs, ensuring accurate distribution of training rewards.