Friday 15 December 2023, 11:15

Football Agent Working Group holds second meeting

  • FIFA updates group on key football agency matters

  • 5,459 individuals in possession of a licence to conduct football agent services on a worldwide basis

  • Parties discuss prospective signing of memorandum of understanding

The Football Agent Working Group, established by FIFA to act as a permanent consultative body for football agency matters, including the practical implementation of the new regulatory framework, held its second meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, today within the scope of the FIFA Club World Cup 2023™.

During the meeting, 15 representatives of professional football stakeholders and agent organisations were updated on the licensing process, as well as the practical implementation of the FIFA Football Agent Regulations, and the members of the group shared different proposals that were extensively discussed. In addition, FIFA presented the status of the current ongoing legal challenges that FIFA and the member associations had faced during the year.

Additionally, the working group was updated on the Football Agents Directory, the continuing education platform that went live in October 2023, the reporting mechanism currently in place on the Agent Platform, as well as the start of the operations of the Agents Chamber.

In relation to unlicensed agents operating in the transfer system, the FIFA representatives confirmed that different investigations are ongoing and, where applicable, disciplinary proceedings have been opened.

The parties also discussed the prospective signing of a memorandum of understanding between different agent organisations and FIFA, which would aim to further streamline the work of football agents across the world by recognising specific entities as the sole bodies representing the interests of football agents in the respective regions.

In the course of 2023, FIFA received approximately 20,000 licensing requests via the legacy, exam and national law paths, with the largest number coming from England (2,091), Spain (1,286), Brazil (1,268), the USA (1,088) and Belgium (888). The next exam is due to take place in May 2024. While it was decided that the exam fee charged by member associations should not exceed USD 600, it was agreed that the licence fee renewals would be reduced from USD 600 to USD 300.

A total of 5,459 individuals are currently in possession of a FIFA licence and can thus conduct football agent services on a worldwide basis, and 1,309 of them have been granted the certification to represent minors.