Tuesday 23 March 2021, 13:00

FIFA Human Rights Advisory Board provides closing report

FIFA welcomes final report concluding a successful four-year mandate of voluntary and dedicated work.

The FIFA Human Rights Advisory Board (HRAB) has published its final report, which summarises the progress made over the last four years and considers key areas of work and recommendations by the HRAB since the publication of the previous report in early 2020.

FIFA greatly appreciates the efforts made by the HRAB members during their four-year mandate and thanks them for their support, expert guidance and recommendations as well as for the quality and consistency of their work.

FIFA welcomes the acknowledgement of its human rights work by the international experts who were on the HRAB and recognises that there is still more to do.

In this respect, FIFA has recently strengthened its internal resources in this area with the creation of a dedicated Social Responsibility and Education Division, which has responsibility for human rights, anti-discrimination, and child protection and safeguarding.

FIFA is also proposing to create a new human rights sub-committee as part of its Governance Committee, with independent experts having a specific responsibility to focus on this area. In addition, FIFA will continue to support human rights work through stakeholder engagement groups and with ad hoc working groups comprising specialists in the field.

In line with its Statutes and Human Rights Policy, FIFA remains steadfast in its commitment to protect and promote human rights across football, and to use the popularity of the sport to make a wider positive impact in the lives of people around the world.

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