Tuesday 09 April 2024, 14:00

FIFA launches FIFA Data Protection & Cybersecurity Risk series

  • Data Protection & Risk Networking Event to be held in Zurich and online

  • Participants include Member Associations, confederations and other stakeholders

  • This is the first in a series of events in 2024

FIFA will be running the first of four Data Protection & Risk Networking Events in 2024 on Tuesday 9 April in Zurich and online.

Made up of two expert sessions, the event is focussed on privacy and cybersecurity risks in the world of sports and will be attended by sports industry professionals.

Stéphanie Saulnier from the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) will be presenting on the golden rules for protecting athletes’ data in relation to individual physical performance, followed by a fireside chat with Tomas Maldonado, the Chief Information & Security Officer at the NFL.

This series of events is the first step towards FIFA’s Data Protection & Cybersecurity Team’s long-term plan to build a comprehensive portfolio of workshops, events, blogs and other resources to equip Member Associations with practical tools and insights.

As a leader in the field of data protection and cybersecurity and one of the go-to organisations in the sports field, it is important for FIFA to showcase world’s best practice – such as experts from the CNIL and NFL – to Member Associations and the wider industry.

"Safeguarding privacy and ensuring robust cybersecurity measures is key,” said Jorge Oliveira e Carmo, FIFA Head of Data Protection & Cybersecurity Risk. “This event gives participants the opportunity to share their experiences, insights and strategies to help elevate the collective understanding of privacy and cybersecurity in the sports industry."