Friday 14 June 2024, 06:55

Chair of ASEAN Business Advisory Council visits FIFA to discuss football’s role in economic development

  • FIFA and ASEAN have been working together since 2019

  • Education and health initiatives have been a cornerstone of the partnership

  • It was agreed to further deepen the collaboration

FIFA and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have been working together since 2019 when they signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) and committed to joining forces to use football to promote social development and healthy lifestyles in the Southeast Asia region. The partnership is in line with the sixth of FIFA’s strategic objectives, which is to focus on social responsibilities. As part of that collaboration, the Chair of ASEAN's Business Advisory Council, Oudet Souvannavong, led delegation to the Home of FIFA where they met several FIFA officials, including Chief Business Officer Romy Gai and Myriam Burkhard, the Head of International Relations and Public Affairs. Mr. Souvannavong acknowledged FIFA’s outstanding contributions to football and community development and said that he looked forward to continued discussion and deeper collaboration between the two organisations.

ASEAN-BAC Chair Meeting at the Home of FIFA

Education has been one of the key areas of cooperation under the MoU and nine of the ten ASEAN member states have signed up, or are in the process of signing up, for FIFA’s Football for Schools Programme. The two organisations have also worked together on health-related campaigns, including COVID-19 awareness and sports integrity. The MoU is due for renewal later in 2024 and the hope is to expand the agreement to cover climate change and gender equality.

ASEAN-BAC Chair Meeting at the Home of FIFA