Monday 29 April 2019, 14:26

Pros assess their home eFootball scene

  • FIFA pros discuss the eFootball scene back home

  • Reflect on it going from strength to strength

  • Who are the next generation of eFootballers we should look out for?

eFootball is on the rise across the globe. Competitive EA SPORTS FIFA took a significant step forward with the FIFA eNations Cup™ 2019, where twenty countries from six confederations gathered in London to see who would be crowned the world’s best.

Traditional powerhouses joined up-and-coming nations, producing added excitement, enticing matches and a blend of different styles. spoke to a number of internationals from around the world to find out more about eFootball in their country, as well as who they think are the most promising young talents emerging in their nation.

eFootball in my country

'Marcus Gomes' (Australia)

"The competitive FIFA scene in Australia has really grown, especially since FIFA 17 when regionals began, and the first Rest of the World regional final came to Sydney. With the introduction of FUT Champions, too, a lot of players have found it easy to access qualifying. I can only see it growing as Australia’s E-League continues – it’s season two right now – and more players realise that there’s opportunities to come to tournaments and represent your club or country."

Marcus Gomes of Australia poses 2019-04-25 12:25:52

'Marcuzo' (Denmark)

"The Danish scene, not just in FIFA but eSports in general, is very strong. We have a Danish eLeague (eSuperliga) with 16 clubs, a lot of great players and the community is very good. We’re really going places as well as with the national team – it’s a great step in the right direction."

'MakezCR' (Finland)

"The scene in Finland is quite small but the growth has been really big in recent years. With the likes of the FA getting involved and the creation of the national team, it’s only going to get bigger."

'Dani' (The Netherlands)

"It’s very big – I never expected it to have got as big as it is. When I started playing for Ajax, I had 600 followers on Instagram and now, two years later, I have nearly 80k followers. Young people in the Netherlands love to play FIFA and they want to be the best. It’s very easy [in the Netherlands] to find people who watch it compared to other countries."

'Doolsta' (USA)

"The eFootball scene in USA is huge. The eMLS is a great league to play in and you're able to travel to different places – Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston. US Soccer are doing a great job and with USA being one of the biggest countries in the world, to get that chance [to represent them] is huge."

Cormac Dooley of the United States

Up-and-coming talents according to the pros

'Yagocai' (Argentina)

"The best player in Argentina is 'Nicolas99fc' - no doubt about it. There are a few great young talents such as 'Diegog1996' and 'OnlySantew' who can also go very far."

'Marcus Gomes' (Australia)

"This might sound biased but my younger brother 'FUTWIZ_Dillon' is 17 and I – and many others believe – he’s the best upcoming talent in Australia. He was one win away from qualifying for Paris and one win from qualifying for Singapore. He’s been really close but hasn’t got over that line just yet. I watch him play and I honestly think he’s just as good as me. As he's young, it’s just the mental side of things and learning to deal with that pressure that he has to work on."

'Marcuzo' (Denmark)

"We have a 13-year-old in Denmark: 'Anders Vejrgang'. He’s won a lot of tournaments and has been 30-0 on the weekends. While I haven’t played him personally, his results are very impressive and he’s only 13 years old, so that’s the guy to look out for."

'TaskAzi' (South Africa)

"'YvngSavage' and 'Kaylan' – both young,16 and 17. I’m 100 per cent sure in the next few years, they're going to be something big on the scene, I can see it coming already. I think in a year or two, South Africa could be up there with the top eFootball countries in the world."

Shiaan Rugbeer of South Africa (L) poses with Ryan De Oliveira Bastos of South Africa