Monday 08 August 2016, 23:50

Potential Draw to qualify for knockout stages of Rio 2016

With the final matchdays in the group stages of the Men's and Women's Olympic Football Tournaments approaching, there are a number of close scenarios which could see teams level on points, goal difference and head-to-head results.

As per articles 28.5, 32.5 and 32.6 and 32.7 of the competition regulations, if two or more teams are equal after exhausting all the tie-breaking criteria, the final positions in the group (applicable to the men’s and women’s tournament) and the two best 3rd ranked teams (applicable only to the women’s tournament) will be determined by drawing of lots.

The draw will be conducted at the FIFA Headquarter hotel in Rio de Janeiro on 9 August for the Women’s Tournament and on 10 August for the Men’s Tournament, and will be conducted in the presence of a FIFA Organising Committee member.

Note:* The first team drawn will be awarded the higher ranking amongst the teams in question. First a draw will be conducted to break any tie within the group, followed by a draw to break any ties across two or more groups (applicable only to the Women’s tournament)*

The following is the schedule for the draws (if required):

9 August Women’s Tournament

Group F Draw 18:30

Group G Draw 21:30

Group E Draw 00:30

Determining of two best 3rd ranked team 00:45

10 August Men Tournament 

Group D Draw 15:30

Group C Draw 18:30

Group B Draw 21:30

Group A Draw 00:30

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