Monday 23 September 2019, 18:27

FIFA Fan Award

Football is for everyone, and nobody understands this more than Silvia Grecco. Her son Nickollas is blind and has been diagnosed with mild autism. Silvia’s lifelong love for football has guided her in her methods of helping Nickollas cope with day-to-day life. Her fanatical support for Palmeiras has also been transferred to her son, who she takes to matches – where she narrates the action for him.

“I’ll describe the details of the environment, the characteristics of each player. Narrating the goal is the most exciting part, I have no doubt about that. At the stadium is complete freedom, he is transformed. He freels at ease, stands up, cheers and jumps. Nickollas becomes another child. I am the eyes of Nickollas.”

This heartwarming and inspirational mother-son relationship – strengthened through a passionate love of football – has seen Silvia Grecco win the 2019 FIFA Fan Award.