Thursday 30 May 2019, 17:44

Fans' Favourites

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Football is nothing without fans. The beautiful game is so popular around the world because of its unique ability to bring people together.

So we want to know what's on your mind each week. Which videos do you keep coming back to? Or has there been a fascinating feature on your favourite team or player that deserves wider viewing? Submit your thoughts via social media with the hashtag #WeLiveFootball, and we'll pick the top ones to showcase here.

This week’s includes an extraordinarily-skilled footballer, freestylers, and some enchanting build-up to the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™.

Brazil’s entertainer extraordinaire

Yago Malaquias (Brazil)

Neymar may have only played half of Paris Saint-Germain’s matches in 2018/19, but that was sufficient for a spectacular, five-minute highlight reel of his best bits. @FootballAMZ leads us to breathtaking nutmegs, spellbinding shimmies, preposterous touches, goals and mind-blowing touches from this one-of-a-kind thrill machine.

We Are Matildas

From Dafne Aranda (Mexico)

Australia may be heading to their seventh successive FIFA Women’s World Cup, but you’d think it was their first given the buzz Down Under. @Just_Dafne was impressed as a whole nation rallied behind the Matildas to send them off in style.

Streetstyling in Mexico

From Luis Capilla (Mexico)

Who doesn’t love a bit of freestyling? @LuisCapilla99 certainly does, and he highlighted this captivating video about street football in Mexico.

The mother of World Cups?

Maria-Princess D'Arrigo (Australia)

Huffington Post Australia puts together a solid argument to why France 2019 is the most wide-open Women’s World Cup in history, and why it will be the most exhilarating edition yet, as @mariaprincessdarrigo appreciated.

Allez les Bleus

Vanessa Tomaszewski (France)

Everyone had a blast as the France 2019 Trophy Tour hit Lyon – none more so, by the looks of this fun video, than football blogger @championsdudigi and the competition’s adorable Official Mascot, ettie™.