Wednesday 03 May 2023, 12:00

FIFA’s new Legal Portal mandatory for all stakeholders since 1 May 2023

  • Initiative aimed at modernising and streamlining legal proceedings

  • Stakeholders to register on

In its efforts to modernise and streamline the proceedings before its decision-making and judicial bodies and in order to facilitate the filing and management of claims, the use of FIFA’s new Legal Portal became mandatory on 1 May 2023.

In May 2022, FIFA launched the FIFA Legal Portal, which for the first time enabled football stakeholders – such as clubs, players, associations, intermediaries, law firms with a power of attorney, and anyone involved in proceedings – to lodge a claim with the relevant FIFA decision-making or judicial body.

As a result and in line with a recent circular letter, and after an adequate transitional period of one year, all proceedings before its decision-making and judicial bodies will now exclusively be initiated through the portal, and correspondence concerning proceedings before the FIFA Football Tribunal and FIFA judicial bodies will solely be conducted via the portal.

Proceedings will still be governed by the respective FIFA regulations. However, the notification of correspondence, submissions, decisions and other documents will be handled through the FIFA Legal Portal.

The FIFA Legal Portal aims to ensure simple, secure and transparent communication between FIFA and the parties involved, as well as a better understanding of the proceedings and heightened traceability. To that effect, a user manual providing further information and a step-by-step guide to the FIFA Legal Portal is available here.

Member associations, clubs, players, officials and all those involved in FIFA’s legal proceedings before the relevant FIFA decision-making or judicial body will now have to register on the FIFA Legal Portal at