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Thursday 09 February 2023, 11:00

FIFA publishes International Transfer Snapshot (January 2023): new all-time highs

  • Record-breaking 4,728 international transfers completed across men’s and women’s football

  • New historic highs, with clubs’ total spending on transfer fees reaching USD 1.57 billion

FIFA has published its International Transfer Snapshot (January 2023), an analysis of player transfer activity during the recent registration period, which confirms record-breaking figures in relation to international transfers and fees. According to the report, a total of 4,387 international transfers were completed in men’s football during the January 2023 window. This represents an all-time high since the launch of the Transfer Matching System in 2010. Clubs’ total spending on transfer fees also set a new record as USD 1.57 billion was spent in January, some USD 230 million more than the previous record January window back in 2018.

FIFA International Transfer Snapshot January 2023 - Clubs' Transfer Fees

English clubs top the list The number of transfers in men’s football increased by 14.4% compared to the same period in 2022 (3,834), with the total value of transfer fees rising by 49.4% compared to the amount spent in January 2022 (USD 1.05 billion). English clubs topped the table for spending on international transfer fees in January 2023 with a total outlay of USD 898.6 million – which is 57.3% of total spending in January globally – followed at a considerable distance by France with USD 131.9 million.

FIFA International Transfer Snapshot January 2023 - International Men's Transfers

Women’s game: new records In the women’s game, the total number of international transfers also reached a new all-time high with 341 transfers across borders, an increase of 30.2% compared to January 2022. Transfer fees in women’s football also set a new record as USD 774,300 was spent in the recent window. The list of incoming transfers was headed by Colombia with 35, whereas Sweden and the USA were both number one for outgoing transfers, each with 26.

FIFA International Transfer Snapshot January 2023 - International Women's Transfers

This is the third consecutive year that FIFA has published such a snapshot shortly after the conclusion of the international January transfer window, providing an overview of global transfers involving both male and female players. FIFA will publish the next snapshot in early September after the conclusion of the mid-year registration period. To download the full snapshot, please click HERE or visit