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Fédération Internationale de Football Association

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Thursday 31 October 2019, 10:21

FIFA launches new legal portal

FIFA is launching its new legal portal ( today in order to provide direct access to documents of interest to all stakeholders involved in FIFA’s legal and compliance activities.

This important step reflects one of the key pillars of the FIFA 2.0 vision document by providing greater transparency in dealing with FIFA’s 211 member associations, as well as with world football interest groups (clubs, leagues and players) and the general public.

With this new web page, FIFA seeks to guarantee the right of all parties to obtain fundamental information that can be used in the framework of its procedures. Among others, the following key documents will be made available to the public:

  • decisions rendered on the merits by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee and the FIFA Appeal Committee (notified as of 1 January 2019);

  • decisions rendered on the merits by the FIFA Ethics Committee (notified since 1 January 2019);

  • decisions rendered on the merits by the FIFA Players’ Status Committee and the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber;

  • non-confidential CAS awards in proceedings to which FIFA is a party (notified since 1 January 2019);

  • list of CAS arbitrators proposed by FIFA for appointment by ICAS, and the number of times they have been nominated in CAS proceedings.

All these documents and a large amount of other practical information are available as of today on FIFA’s legal portal will be updated on a regular basis with various legal and compliance materials, as will the decisions of the various independent bodies.