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Thursday 11 January 2024, 13:30

FIFA launches digital tool offering overview of current registration bans

  • Platform publicly available on

  • Clubs subject to registration bans prevented from registering new players

In line with its continued efforts to promote transparency and maintain full disclosure in relation to the activities of the FIFA judicial bodies, FIFA has launched a digital tool that lists the clubs subject to registration bans.

Based on FIFA’s legal framework, a registration ban is one of the potential disciplinary measures that may be imposed on clubs by the FIFA judicial bodies or by the Football Tribunal. Once a registration ban has been imposed, the club in question will be prevented from registering new players, either nationally or internationally and whether as amateurs or as professionals, for the full duration of the measure. The club will therefore only be able to register new players again after serving the ban in its entirety or in the event that the ban is lifted by the FIFA administration (usually upon the completion of one or more specific actions by the club).

The primary objective of this new tool is to provide stakeholders, including players and clubs, as well as the general public, with an overview of all clubs currently prevented from registering new players.

The digital tool, which can be accessed here and on, will be regularly updated in order to reflect the situation of the clubs subject to registration bans imposed by FIFA.