Tuesday 20 February 2018, 15:39

Ethics Committee provides further guidance on 2026 bidding process

In light of recent questions raised by football officials and by both bidders in connection with the ongoing bidding process for the 2026 FIFA World Cup™, in early February the FIFA administration approached Mr Michael Llamas QC, the appointee of the investigatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee, to seek his clarifications in relation to those elements of the Bid Rules of Conduct which have been questioned by members of the football community.

Matters that required further guidance from Mr Llamas were presentations by bidders to confederations, groupings of member associations and individual member associations, as well as public statements by football officials. In order for both bids to be able to work in a transparent and appropriate manner, a circular letter with guidance from Mr Llamas, which explains, in general, what is to be expected from the various football stakeholders on those matters has been sent to all member associations and is now available on FIFA.com.

Concerning presentations by the bidders, the following limitations and principle shall apply:

  • Presentations by the bidders at the Congress or at confederation meetings shall be limited to the meetings of the six confederations in the week ahead of the 68th FIFA Congress.

  • Presentations by the bidders will be allowed at meetings of regional associations, groupings of member associations and individual member associations.

  • Equal possibilities shall be granted to both bidders.

With regard to public statements, officials shall consider whether, from a common sense perspective, the nature and form of a statement can be considered as “fair” and “not unduly influencing the bidding process”.

This latest guidance complements a previous circular letter sent to FIFA’s member associations in January 2018 as well as the Guide to the Bidding Process for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

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