Friday 17 May 2024, 09:30

Reaction from FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027™ host announcement

  • Brazil has been announced as hosts of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027™

  • This will be the first time South America has hosted the tournament

  • For the first time hosts were decided by an open vote at FIFA Congress

Brazil has been announced as the host nation for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027™ following an open vote at the 74th FIFA Congress in Bangkok, Thailand.

It was the first time that the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ host was decided through an open vote at FIFA Congress, with Brazil receiving 119 Brazil to 78 votes of the Belgium, Netherlands and Germany joint bid.

The 2027 edition will be the 10th iteration of the tournament and will be the first time the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ will be played on South American soil, having previously been held in China PR, Sweden, the USA, Germany, Canada, France, and Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand (co-hosts).

What they said

“This victory is a victory for women’s football in South America and in the world. By winning the right to host the FIFA Women's World Cup, we expect to strengthen women’s football all over.

“For us to host the football world and host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Brazil for the first time, will lead to more women and young girls playing football in schools, in parks, at the beach. That legacy will lead to women being more included in the football world and will showcase their ability to take up other positions in football.

“You can be sure that we want to host the greatest and best FIFA Women’s World Cup ever. You’re all invited to come to Brazil to enjoy our country’s hospitality, our people’s eccentricity and the joy of welcoming a stranger with open arms.” Ednaldo Rodrigues, President of the Brazilian Football Confederation

“It was a year of hard work, a lot of expectations, and the idea was always to change women’s football in South America. Today, women’s football in South America – not only in Brazil – is developing and we always believed that a FIFA Women’s World Cup in Brazil would make this development speed up.

“In terms of the next steps, right now we have to celebrate. It is a great achievement for South America. We will celebrate, we won’t feel the pressure, we won’t feel nervous, we will enjoy this moment.” Valesca Araujo, Manager of the Brazilian bid process

“In Brazil, there are still many issues for women playing football so this will have a direct impact on footballers coming through, the number of footballers, the incentives that parents can give their children to play football.

“It’ll have a tremendous impact and I hope that it’ll really allow girls to dream of becoming professional footballers, just as boys can dream. It’s a huge achievement and a foundation so that all women can aspire to be what they want to be.

“Girls will see inspiration close at hand and I’ve got no doubts that it’ll really connect with them and feed their dreams to become professional footballers as well.” Rosana, FIFA Legend and former Brazil international

“Around the 1950s, 60s and 70s, women’s football was banned in Brazil. We have ex-footballers who were arrested because they were playing football and those footballers were the ones who, with grit and determination, overcame those bans and earned their freedom, so that today myself and so many other girls have the freedom to play football without those bans.

“I feel like this is a reward: having the opportunity to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup, every one of them has a part in the making of this. Because I didn’t suffer half of what they suffered. So today is the result of what they all did for women’s football, not only in Brazil but around the world.” Formiga, FIFA Legend and former Brazil international


“I’m very happy. It is a well-deserved achievement for a country that breathes, loves and is passionate about football – that is Brazil.

“I think that what made the difference for Brazil was the joy and the happiness of the Brazilian people, and how welcoming they are towards people from other countries. We’re the country of smiles, of joy, of happiness, regardless of what’s happening in it.

“We didn’t have the greatest results with the team in the two FIFA World Cups™ we hosted in 1950 and 2014. We now have the chance to revert that result with the women’s team and win a FIFA Women’s World Cup in our country.” Cafu, FIFA legend and former Brazil men’s international

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