Wednesday 29 May 2024, 13:00

FIFA World 2.0 Launches on Roblox, Creating A New Playground for Member Associations and Global Fandom

FIFA is thrilled to announce the launch of FIFA World 2.0 on Roblox, a significant update to its groundbreaking virtual environment that creates an all-year around engaging connection for football fans in every corner of the world. The three-time Webby Award winning and one of the most visited sports experiences in Roblox history (with over 21 million visits to date), now enters a new phase, offering scalable Member Association opportunities, richer integration opportunities for partners, and all new engagement activities for fans and users alike. Initially launched ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, FIFA World welcomed fans throughout the tournament before redesigning for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™. Now, FIFA World 2.0 builds on the success of FIFA World 1.0, and will advance to open up far beyond just tournament time. A Playground for Member Associations FIFA World 2.0 will become an always-on experience as it introduces new localised environments, allowing FIFA to work closely with its Member Associations as they create their own territories within the world. Already, both U.S. Soccer and the DFB have built spaces, drawing on their unique cultures and fandoms – with more Member Associations onboarding soon. Elsewhere, key new features of FIFA World 2.0 include:

  • Tycoon-style Gaming Experience: Fans start at the lowest level and must grow their assets through compelling challenges, upgrading teams and stadiums, and achieving progression.

  • Enhanced Integration: The platform offers seamless integration opportunities for existing and new partners.

  • Inclusivity: FIFA World 2.0 aims to promote the values of football, including inclusivity, teamwork, and fair play, and features initiatives like the FIFA+ Sheroes video series to inspire the next generation of female footballers.

Romy Gai, Chief Business Officer at FIFA, commented: "FIFA World 2.0 represents our commitment to growing football by developing innovative ways for fans to engage with the sport. The immersive experience on Roblox will provide football fans with exciting new ways to interact, celebrate, and show their creativity and national pride." The launch of FIFA World 2.0 is set to further advance how football fans interact with the sport, offering a dynamic and inclusive platform that transcends physical boundaries and tournament timings. As FIFA continues to evolve its digital strategy, and provide wider opportunities for Member Associations to grow, FIFA World 2.0 is poised to become a central hub for younger, emerging football fans worldwide. U.S. Soccer Fans will be able to access U.S. Soccer Tycoon via a portal from FIFA World 2.0. Featuring an urban, modern setting, U.S. Soccer Tycoon will promote inclusivity for all players and create a sense of community. The environment will eventually feature landmarks from the 11 cities which will host FIFA World Cup™ matches in 2026. Through the platform, U.S. Soccer’s new and existing commercial partners will be able to capitalize on organic integration opportunities within U.S. Soccer’s virtual clubhouse as well as the broader U.S. Soccer campus. “U.S. Soccer Tycoon is a reflection of the Federation’s strategy to delve deeper into emerging technologies to reach new fans and experiment for the future, especially as we think about 2026,” said U.S. Soccer Vice President of Business Ventures Ross Moses. “The collaboration with Roblox and FIFA provides an opportunity to introduce young fans to soccer and our National Teams in an engaging and sustainable model that harnesses the global soccer ecosystem.”