25. Accrued expenses and deferred income

31 Dec 2023
31 Dec 2022
FIFA World Cup™ and other FIFA events62,325487,545
Development and relief programmes620,561700,887
Other accrued expenses86,847109,422
Deferred income07,886
Total current accrued expenses and deferred income769,7331,305,740
Development and relief programmes225,543238,272
Total non-current accrued expenses and deferred income225,543238,272

“Development and relief programmes” consist of accruals relating to the FIFA Forward Programme of USD 396.2 million (2022: USD 415.3 million), the Football Development Fund of USD 27 million (2022: USD 27 million), the Talent Development Scheme of USD 172.7 million (2022: USD 202.7 million), the World Remission Fund of USD 106.4 million (2022: USD 126.6 million), legacy funds of USD 61.7 million (2022: USD 61.7 million), the Football for Schools Programme of USD 68.4 million (2022: USD 88 million), the COVID-19 Relief Plan of USD 7 million (2022: USD 11 million) and other development programmes of USD 6.7 million (2022: USD 6.9 million).


24. Payables

26. Contract liabilities