2023 financial statements

Consolidated cash flow statement

Net result for the year-390,5382,367,883
Net financial result[14]-222,589-31,877
Other non-cash items-161-25
Taxes and duties[15]49522,716
(Increase)/Decrease in receivables147,56639,949
(Increase)/Decrease in prepaid expenses and accrued income53,112202,557
(Increase)/Decrease in derivative financial assets and liabilities3,41961,182
(Increase)/Decrease in inventories-35,5583,345
(Increase)/Decrease in contract assets137,807-106,504
Increase/(Decrease) in payables-574,514550,531
Increase/(Decrease) in accrued expenses and deferred income-540,526850,818
Increase/(Decrease) in contract liabilities193,771-2,410,682
Increase/(Decrease) in provisions-551-120,196
Taxes and duties paid-16,464-3,296
Net cash (used)/generated by operating activities-1,210,1971,459,773
Purchase of property and equipment[21]-2,700-3,692
Purchase of intangible assets[22]-1,665-12,307
Investment in financial assets-10,052,093-9,439,027
Repayments and sale of financial assets9,862,5288,847,149
Interest received98,90145,056
Net cash (used)/generated in investing activities-95,031-562,821
Interest paid-5,258-7,105
Repayment of lease liabilities-9,429-9,858
Net cash (used)/generated in financing activities-14,687-16,963
Net (decrease)/increase in cash and cash equivalents-1,319,915879,989
Cash and cash equivalents as at 1 January[16]1,708,102832,089
Effect of exchange rate fluctuations3,737-3,976
Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents-1,319,915879,989
Cash and cash equivalents as at 31 December[16]391,9241,708,102



The notes form an integral part of FIFA’s consolidated financial statements for 2023.

Consolidated statement of changes in reserves

FIFA’s consolidated statement of changes in reserves represents a reconciliation of the opening and closing balances of FIFA’s reserves during 2023 and 2022.