15. Taxes and duties

Taxes and duties49522,716
Total taxes and duties49522,716

Pursuant to the Swiss taxation rules, the statutory financial statements are the basis for taxation. In FIFA’s statutory financial statements, the character of a non-profit organisation, the obligation to spend the net result, reserves and funds on the development of football, the four-year accounting cycle, and the financial risks inherent to FIFA’s core event – the FIFA World Cup™ – are all duly considered. FIFA’s restricted reserves are reviewed on a regular basis to assess whether they are commercially justified as per the applicable tax laws. The final assessment with the tax authority will occur after the completion of the four-year cycle and is based on the final assessment of the required funds and reserves. The normal tax rate for associations applies. FIFA’s subsidiaries are taxed based on the applicable local tax laws. This position includes all non-recoverable taxes and duties borne by FIFA or its subsidiaries.


14. Financial income and financial costs, net

16. Cash and cash equivalents