Annual Report 2023

Around FIFA

FIFA Forward

In 2016, when President Gianni Infantino launched the FIFA Forward Programme, all member associations were promised support in helping to develop football in their countries. In 2023, the FIFA Forward Report showed how that promise had been delivered.

Social responsibility and education

Human rights, anti-discrimination, sustainability and safeguarding were at the forefront of FIFA’s activities in 2023. The work carried out over the 12 months – from grassroots to the elite level of the game – was both substantial and impactful.

Global football development

In 2023, the FIFA Talent Development Scheme moved forward to the phase of full implementation.

Women’s football

With the FIFA Women’s World Cup as the focal piece of the year, women’s football made further great strides forward over the course of 2023.

Professional football

2023 contained many important milestones for the FIFA Professional Football Relations & Development Subdivision.

FIFA Football Summit 2023

Representatives of FIFA’s 211 member associations gathered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 21 December 2023 to hear from President Gianni Infantino and other senior FIFA officials about past, present and future initiatives.

FIFA Foundation

It was another busy year for the FIFA Foundation, as it continued to carry out its work across the world – on its mission to use the power of football to promote positive social change, education and development.

FIFA Museum

With a presence in Sydney/Gadigal, Madrid and Zurich in 2023, the FIFA Museum grew internationally and broke visitor records.

FIFA statistics

FIFA is a global organisation with staff from every corner of the world – as documented by the 2023 FIFA staffing statistics.